About the GSA

The goals of the HCDE Graduate Student Association are to:

  • Foster community in the HCDE program.
  • Act as a voice for the graduate students in HCDE.
  • Organize skill shares, happy hours, UX for dubbies, social events and more!

Reasons to get involved with the GSA:

  • Make lasting connections with UW colleagues
  • Learn from and work with industry leaders in UX
  • Add value back to the HCDE department

Examples of events that the GSA organizes:

  • UX for dubbies (workshops to increase UX skills for dub programs, in conjunction with iSchool and MHCI+d grad programs)
  • Happy Hours/Meetups
  • Skill shares
  • HCDE Department events (like the Winter Celebration) in conjunction with the HCDE Student Association
  • Social outings like Husky games, hikes, etc.

Every student can be involved in the GSA, not just designated officers! Our mission is involvement, so if you have an idea, or want to be involved, please email the HCDE GSA at hcdegsa@uw.edu.